About Us


 Babies On Vacation opened for business in the middle of 2016. We have many years of experience in both baby equipment rentals and Early Childhood Development. We have served many happy and satisfied families in both fields. We are also parents of a infant and a preteen. As parents we want nothing more than to raise healthy children in a safe environment. This is why we focus and emphasize a large part of our operations on safety and cleanliness of our baby equipment. We also know how much baby gear is constantly changing on a yearly basis. This is why it is also important for us to provide modern baby equipment from tried and trusted manufacturers. Babies On Vacation would like to serve you so that you can rest and relax while you stay in San Diego with your children, you deserve it!

    Babies On Vacation is proud to be the only baby equipment rental company in San Diego that cleans with natural, chemical free cleaners and sanitizes with steam/vapor. We pride ourselves in being the most economic choice for rentals and delivery fees(only$25 for most of San Diego county). We do not charge extra after hours fees and we are open for delivery 24/7.(with advanced notice).